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How to Increase Testosterone Levels Quickly

Fact: After the age of thirty, testosterone levels in many men begin to decline rapidly. Although this information isn't particularly mind-blowing, few men know how damaging low-testosterone levels can be--not just in terms of a maintaining a healthy sex life--but also to general men's health, disease risk, and body composition.

Doctors frequently prescribe injections and testosterone replacement therapy as quick fixes for those with low levels, but there are also many ways to naturally boost testosterone levels without risking these invasive procedures. More, these methods tend to last just a few months at a time, requiring men to attend regular doctor visits (not to mention the cost of testosterone shots/therapies!).

There are many methods to naturally boost testosterone levels, and we want to share a few with you here!

1) Eat lots of protein, fat & carbs - It may sound counter intuitive to a healthy lifestyle, but men especially need to make sure their diets are rich in proteins in order to keep testosterone levels at a healthy level. What you eat has a major impact on testosterone and other hormone levels, and its important to maintain a balanced, protein rich diet, which also helps support fat burning and healthy weight loss.

2) Natural testosterone boosters - There are many products on the market that feature herbs like Fenugreek Seed, Vitabmin B6 and Zinc, all of which are scientifically proven to help boost levels of free testosterone in the male body. Testofuel 300 has been around for several years and is very popular for both weightlifting and as a natural testo booster, and there are many others available to purchase online.

3) Excersize - Sorry guys, it makes the list! Regular exercise, including both cardio and weight lifting, are proven methods to boost dwindling testosterone. It's thought that physical activity may actually play a more crucial role to testosterone production than weight loss (although it seems to us that the two go hand-in-hand). Experts recommend resistance training specifically for an extra boost to test-levels, as this solution provides short term results that tend to last longer than other forms of exercise.

4) Reduce stress & keep cortisol levels low - Stress can wreak havoc on your body in more ways than one, however the impact for men is even greater because it can negatively affect the storage of body fat around organs, which in turn negatively impact testosterone levels.

5) Soak up some rays - This one's a little less obvious, but recent studies have indicated that supplementing around 3000 IU of D3 per day can lead to testo increases of about 25%, and in the elderly, optimized testosterone levels due to adequate vitamin D and calcium intake were also shown to reduce falls.

No matter what route you choose to take, prioritizing healthy testosterone levels in the body should be a priority of every man's, as low levels lead to decreased sexual activity, a myriad of health issues, and even heightened risk of disease. We recommend taking a daily supplement along with a healthy, protein rich diet to optimize levels of testosterone in the body and keep your relationship healthy and happy!