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Male Enhancement Pills and Erectile Dysfunction

The fact is, most men start to struggle with decreased sex drive, muscle mass and low testosterone levels, all before they reach the age of forty. There are, however, many dietary supplements designed as testosterone boosting, sexual enhancers that many men use to increase testosterone levels with little or no side effects.

What you should look for if you want to improve your sex life are natural products which have been approved by the food and drug administration, or FDA. Enhancement pills can be great for boosting male sexual prowess, sexual performance and even penis size.

There are some key natural ingredients you want to look for when you want to increase that blood flow and maximize free t levels in the body. D-Aspartic acid and horny goat weed are two of the biggest players in male enhancement products. Some others include vitamin B-12, fenugreek seed, grape seed extract and many more.

ED is a far more serious issue. Some enhancing pills for men will work for milder cases, but if you find that you cannot get an erection through direct stimulation, you may need to turn to more focused and intense measures. Penile implants and surgeries work in some cases, but they are costly and not always effective. There are also penis extenders, which some have reported much success with.

But men who have these advanced problems don’t always have many options. Viagra and Cialis are of course always on the table, but again, they are not cost effective and can be upward of one hundred dollars per pill. Plus, many men report headaches, erections that last longer than four hours, which can be very dangerous to heart health and could cause blood clots. Talk about scary and frightening! Especially for aging gentlemen.

There are some natural remedies that can work as cures for ED and related issues, although most of them do require some work for the man. The number one recommendation from doctors seems to be regular exercise. This works by keeping the heart in a healthy condition, as well as promoting healthy blood flow not only to the manhood, but all areas of the body which can help support sexual endurance and performance over time.

Another big suggestion is to work on improving your diet. Sorry guys! But your mom nagging you to eat healthier foods wasn’t just to be mean. It can improve your overall health, of course, but the benefit to your sexual health can be massive, leading to better quality erectile function.

Research also shows that getting healthy amounts of sleep can play a big role in sex performance for men. Research shows that proper sleep patterns can directly correlate with low t levels in men, and so getting a solid eight hours is more important to you than ever if you’re beginning to suffer the effects.

STOP SMOKING!!!! As if there aren’t enough reasons to quit smoking, this one makes the list if your performance has taken a dive in the sack. Nicotine has been shown time and again to restrict blood flow in the veins, and this is especially troublesome for male sex function in aging men. Elder men suffering from not being able to maintain erections or poor erection quality have more reason than ever now to quit. If you’re having trouble, be sure to get the help of a trained medical professional. There are solutions out there!

Along with that, doctors also recommend that when sex drive is dwindling that you stop or limit your consumption of alcohol. We’ve all heard of ‘whiskey dick’, but the effects of alcohol can be far worse for men struggling to get good quality erections. This is because alcohol depresses the central nervous system, which can limit response times in everday functions, as well as your sexual response and ability to please your partner.

Be sure to check out that the medicines your doctor prescribes you don’t list depressed sexual response as one of the side effects. Especially when it comes to anti-anxiety medications and anti-depressants, many of these drugs (even over the counter versions) can really screw up your sex life! While nobody would recommend telling someone to stop taking these pills, talk with your doctor. There are often other natural solutions, including male enhancement pills for erections, that can help combat the effects depressant stimulants and treatments can have for men who have a hard time getting it up.

Go natural, try acupuncture! The Chinese seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to organic and natural remedies for common ailments. This is especially true if you’re suffering from ED as a result of taking prescription or non-prescription medications, as above, that may be causing your testosterone levels to sink. Another great way to supplement is to get a testosterone booster to help even out levels and get you performing in the bedroom and satisfying your woman every time.

There are also other, non herbal things you can do to boost testosterone and help out with boosting sex performance. Aside from sex enhancing pills and supplements, there are many foods that you can eat that actually boost your testosterone and other important components of male sex drive. Pomegranite juice is actually very well known for this. In addition, eating extra protein in the form of meats, avacados and eggs can give many men the boost they seek. Coffee has also been researched for treating low testo levels, some use it as a testo booster without even meaning to!

In summary, your sex life is extremely important to overall happiness, marital issues, and of course, your general sense of well being. It’s important to not be shy, don’t be too shy to talk to your doctor or friends about these things because by being honest about it, you may be able to find a great solution. There are many options for people out there with ED, but we definitely recommend going the natural route first before trying costly prescriptions, devices and surgeries.  Jackhammer XL is one of the best selling supplements on the market, so why not start with a powerful male enhancing pill first. From there, you can see if you need medical advice or surgery, and the nice thing is that you can buy Jack Hammer XL on Amazon for under thirty dollars a bottle. It’s a very inexpensive way to test the level of support you will need to maximize your performance in the bedroom!

Best of Luck!

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